Spot-On Benefits Of Water

While water has been conveyed as the life-saving nectar, Ayurveda highlights some extremely useful benefits of water. Here goes..
  • ·         Life giving and pervasive entity.
  • ·         Beneficial for the heart and enhances the sentiment of happiness.
  • ·         Enhances powers of the mind and intellect.
  • ·         Ushers the feeling of contentment and satisfaction.
  • ·         Necessary for overall growth and development.
  • ·         Water is much acceptable for the tongue in general, and yet it cannot be associated with any of the six basic tastes.
  • ·         Being clean and clear, it largely manifests the properties of purity.
  • ·         Water is cool in touch and in potency, light by nature, alleviates and balances the Vata and Kaphadoshas (air and phlegm body humors), and yet also balances and relieves the aggravation in Pitta dosha or the fire body humor as it is naturally cooling, comforting as well as life giving entity in itself. And for this reason water also lessens and relieves the toxins and deterioration and imbalance in the blood.

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